Hotmail Customer Number

A Hotmail is one of the best and free web-based email service that helps users in communicating with their family friends and colleagues for both personal or professional purpose. It was introduced by Saber Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996 and just after one year of its launching, it was acquired by one of the leading software company Microsoft. The technology or features of Hotmail email is improving regularly but sometimes many users have difficulty in using its services and features. If you have any difficulty and not know how to resolve, then in this situation you can contact our Hotmail customer support team through our toll-free Hotmail customer number.

Advantages of a Hotmail email account:

  • Provide personal Folders
  • Hotmail migration to provides enhanced security features
  • Exchange Active-sync Support
  • Its free service as it is supported by advertisers
  • Users can send or receive attachments with this mail account
  • Fewer Ads
  • Connect to Facebook Chat
  • Search features help users to search send and receive email
  • Easy to scan and locate the viruses and prevent spam and phishing attempts using Hotmail
  • Avail Microsoft Office Support
  • Socially Linked
  • POP access makes Hotmail more convenient
  • Provides a feature to personalize your account according to your requirements

Common Hotmail email issues that user face while using

List of some common Hotmail email issues that user face when trying to use Hotmail email account for utilizing their services.

  • Security and virus-related problems
  • Problem email login and registration
  • issues in Synchronizing
  • A problem in recovering blocked Hotmail account
  • The problem in accessing an account from another device
  • Issues in filtering spam and Junk mail
  • Hacked and compromised account
  • Unable to attach a file in Hotmail email
  • Unable to access the personal folder
  • Browser compatibility issues such as with Chrome and  Mozilla
  • Unable to login to personal email account
  • Unable to attach a file from Hotmail account
  • Lost contact data from email Account
  • An issue in recovering a forgotten Hotmail email password
  • Unable to recover accidentally deleted emails
  • The problem in downloading an attachment
  • Some time user got a problem in creating a Hotmail account
  • Recover and remove messages

Some major services offered by our Hotmail customer support team

There are various services offered by our third-party Hotmail customer support team that help users to get the best solution for their issues that they face while using Hotmail email.

  • They help in recovering lost Hotmail password
  • Provide support to resolve mail spamming issues
  • Hotmail provides support for account recovery
  • They provide support for Hotmail email backup as well as account restoration.
  • Help in securing a Hotmail account
  • Provide support to upgrade Hotmail account
  • Help users in verifying Hotmail account
  • Provide support for all type or versions of desktops
  • Help in optimizing the setting of a Hotmail account
  • Provide assistance in resetting Hotmail password
  • Help in restoring complete email, contact, and calendar

Reason to dial our Hotmail customer number +1-844-313-5022

Sometimes new or old Hotmail users encounter many types of Hotmail email issue and unable to resolve. Then in this situation, they can dial Hotmail customer number +1-844-313-5022. Our Hotmail technical support team is well trained and have a lot of experience in resolving Hotmail issues, so they will help you with a best possible solution of your problem. Here our technicians are 24*7 stay available to resolve Hotmail email issues, so you can dial our toll-free number anytime to get instant solution of your problem without any delay.