Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number

Hotmail is one of the most famous and earliest companies that started offering email services to the users worldwide. Founders of Hotmail, Mr. Sabeer Bhatia, and Mr. Jack Smith, have introduced such a tremendous email service on July 4, 1996. In the next year of its origin, the IT giant Microsoft acquired Hotmail from the founders. The email service has modified its identification 3 times since its beginning. Initially known as Hotmail, it was renamed to MSN Hotmail, then to Windows Live Mail and now it is recognized as Microsoft Outlook. It comes with unlimited storage capacity that expands to provide you with as much space as you need to store your documents, photographs, contacts, and some valuable emails.

Hotmail is known for most attractive features to its users. But sometimes, there are different technical problems that the Hotmail users may have to face. When technical problems crop up, you tend to get distressed about the situation. At this point, you’re not required to wander here and there, just dial the Hotmail Customer Service Phone number. This service offers assistance to the customers without any delay. We are also famous for our account security services which help the user safeguard his/her email account.

Important Features Of Hotmail Account

Followings are some of the most attractive features offered by Hotmail:

  • Attachment of various types of files and document to share with the associate.
  • Most modern encryption and two-step authentication to enhance the security of user accounts.
  • 5 GB online storage space that is more than enough to keep all the emails stored.
  • Integration of Office Online to view and edit documents without downloading

 Common Hotmail Problems Faced By User

  • Unable to send or receive emails
  • Problem creating the account
  • Unable to view or edit attached documents
  • Hotmail server error
  • Mobile app does not work
  • Third party client configuration error
  • Problems with email attachment option
  • Unable to sync with Hotmail server
  • Third-party add-on integration error
  • Unable to change or fix Hotmail settings.
  • Not able to recover forgot Hotmail account password.
  • Facing problems in restoring deleted emails, contacts etc.
  • Security-related issue

How to Contact Official Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail is a reliable email service provider that understands the trouble a user has to face when he is having trouble with the Hotmail services.

There are following sources to the users to avail solutions to any of their Hotmail related problem:

  • Live Chat: Join the live chat session with Hotmail Experts and get best solutions for all your issues. Experts are available online for 24 hours.
  • Phone: Hotmail email services are solved instantly. Contact Hotmail Customer service phone number to directly connect with our expert who would listen to your query and offer a quick solution.
  • Official Website: Hotmail official customer support can be accessed through Microsoft’s official website. Cut long waiting time and find an instant solution with us.
  • Official community: The official community has various solutions available to most of the common problems.Post your Hotmail queries on the official Microsoft community and get a reply from experts. Share your problems with Microsoft-certified professionals and get assured fixes.

Get Help By Hotmail Customer Service 

There are many features of our high-quality third-party customer support that make us better than the official customer support.

Given below few of our features with the official tech support of Hotmail:
  • Fix login issues and helps you access your account.
  • Instant response to all customer queries
  • Available round the clock
  • Solutions via secure remote access
  • Instant access to experts via a toll-free number
  • Simple and easy to implement solutions.
  • Fix attachment difficulties.
  • Recovery of hacked Hotmail account in an instant manner.
  • Fix the Issues in viewing attached files.
  • Helps in configuring Hotmail setting to personalize your email account.

So if you are looking for the instant solution for your problem in Hotmail account, then it is definitely a good choice to dial our Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number and get all your problems fixed in no time.